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FTP File Transfer

FTP is our preferred method of transferring files because of its ability to accommodate large file transfers. The FTP protocol is also not constrained by some mail servers' limit on attachment sizes.

North Coast Photo provides an anonymous upload ftp service. That means after uploading your pictures, only North Coast Photo can access your files.

Here's some instructions on how to use North Coast Photographic Service's FTP server:

  1. Using your favorite FTP Client
  2. Using Windows Explorer

After your files have been uploaded, don't forget to give us a call at (760) 931-6809 to verify that we have received your order. Be ready to provide us with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • The names of your files
  • The type(s) of output
  • The number of pages to be printed
  • Copies of each
  • Date & Time needed
  • Delivery / Pickup information
  • Payment information

Using Your Favorite FTP Client

Don't have a favorite ftp client? Many are available; check download.com [mac / windows] or TUCOWS [mac / windows]. Start up your FTP client, and use the following values to access our FTP server:

host name: ftp.northcoastphoto.com
user name: anonymous
password: <enter your email address>

After logging into our FTP server, you will be able to upload your image files. However, you should note, due to security purposes, you will not be able to see your files after they are uploaded. Again, don't forget to phone (760)931-6809 to verify your order.

Using Windows Explorer

If you are using the Microsoft Windows platform, the built-in Explorer already supports FTP.

  1. Double click on My Computer to start up the Windows Explorer.
  2. In the Address bar, type: ftp://ftp.northcoastphoto.com.

    Image of Windows Explorer

  3. By default, Windows Explorer uses anonymous login when given an FTP URL, so now you are ready to 'drag & drop' your image files on to the North Coast Photo FTP server.
  4. Give us a ring at (760) 931-6809 to verify your order.

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