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The NCPS FTPhoto client is our new integrated system, for you to easily create orders and send your files. The FTPhoto engine contains an ordering front-end, with an integrated FTP client, which provides a single-step alternative to the anonymous FTP drop box.

FTPhoto is platform-native (not Java), and available for both Windows and Macintosh users. We even have a second Mac version for those with older systems, including PowerPC machines.

The NCPS FTPhoto Client’s features include:

  • Your files upload, and we receive your order form, in one step.
  • Individual files or entire folders may be selected, even with “drag and drop.”
  • You may specify easily whether a service is being ordered for “this file” or “all files.” This also applies to any special instructions you might add.
  • Separate orders, related to different jobs, may be created and uploaded in one session.
  • Orders may be saved for later upload, or saved in progress for later editing.
  • Uploads that are interrupted by network problems, or aborted deliberately, can resume later from the point left off.
  • The order form is encrypted, to ensure confidentiality of your identity, NCPS account information and/or your credit card.

Download the version of the NCPS FTPhoto Client for your computer.

Windows 7 SP2 or better (64-bit, hiDPI support)

Windows 7 SP2 or better (32-bit)

MacOS 10.10 or better (64-bit, Retina support)

Linux GTK+2 (64-bit)

Linux GTK+2 (32-bit)

Linux versions tested on Ubuntu 16.04.3

Click here for online help (also available from within the application.)

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